A campaign of sea testing of an optronics system (2010-1013) – Interfacing of the device with several types of vessel and aircraft – Implementation of numerous scenarios of operational applications – in-situ testing - benchmarking


Project design and analysis – ad hoc selection and chartering vessels – installation of a current metre – Process development and HSE monitoring.


Frigates, interceptors, Ocean Eagle 43, trawlers, long-liners and LCT – selection, qualification and organisation of trials crews – control of vessels during trials in support of the shipyard trials department


Design and implementation of interfacing – selection and benchmarking of vessels and associated resources – administrative facilitation – installation of mobile onboard laboratory – chartering management – HSE coordination and monitoring – FMECA


Administrative facilitation – development of launch and recovery procedures – buoyage of testing zone – management in marine environment


Characterisation of zones of major interest – interfacing and implementation of vessel.


Search for and prospection of vessel – design and achievement of interfacing with complete elimination of low frequency vibration – maritime project implementation.


Design and development of handling and towing gear after validation of propulsive characteristics.


For the detection of metal devices buried in the seabed – Characterisation of the magnetic signature of an underwater buried mine (2013)


Vessel chartering, equipment interfacing (Multibeam sounder, Sidescan sonar, magnetometer, gradiometer, Niskin)


Studies, installation, inspection & maintenance of complex mooring of instrumented buoys – chartering and coordination of auxiliary vessels – sediment sampling (2012 - 2014)


Techno-operational and safety studies on the impact of wind turbine farms at sea (DNV, 2012 and 2014– DCNS 2013 – EOLFI 2015)


Filage de 3000m de câble dans des zones de forts courants marins – sélection et affrètement des navires ad hoc – installation d’un système de mise à l’eau et d’un courantomètre – coordination d’une équipe de scaphandriers pour la recherche de phénomènes vibratoires


Study for Total EP Nigeria Ltd (USAN Project) for a comparative analysis of vessels dedicated to maritime security. April 2010


In April 2011, Prolarge was chosen by the Red Cross to perform a delivery of humanitarian aid to Misrata, Libya. Carried out in conjunction with Jifmar Off shore Services, this operation involved the chartering of the Saint Antoine Marie-2. 

It was followed by a maritime support mission for “Médecins Sans Frontières” to deploy a chain of medical assistance between Malta, Benghazi and Misrata. Similar operations for MSF took place in April and August 2015 between Djibouti and Aden.

Maritime training mission for African managers in piloting high-speed powerboats in Djibouti under the auspices of the European programme MARSIC, December 2012


Training in boat manning for foreign crews on amphibious vessels, 2014


Coordination of surface/air liaison for foreign frigate training, June 2015


Remorquage jusqu’à Lorient le trimaran Prince de Bretagne chaviré au large du cap Finistère pendant la Transat Jacques Vabre 201In October 2015, ProLarge chartered a vessel from Jifmar Offshore Service for the towing to Lorient of the Prince de Bretagne trimaran which had capsized off Cape Finistere during the Jacques Vabre transatlantic race.